Aryan Enterprises

Aryan Enterprises The Supplier of Cleaning and Hygiene products in Mumbai.

We have such a number of Brands variety and pricing as per our clients requirment.

We are Commited for our Business.

Kimberly Clark

Aryan Enterprises The Authorised Distrubuter of Kimberly Clark, All Across Mumbai, Having a complete set of products of Kimberly Clark.

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Gala Brushes

Authorised Distributer of Gala Brush.

All Across Mumbai, Having a complete set of products of Gala Brush.

Washroom Cleaning products

Except all previous we are also supplier of open wadhroom and other cleaning products.

We can arrange anything related to our business for our clientd.

Company Profile

Aryan Enterprises constantly strive to add value to our customers by providing the most cost effective solution with the highest level of service. It's as simple as that. Satisfying our customers’ needs is our primary focus.


Being the leading supplier of cleaning, hygiene and associated products, we benefit from the associated economies of scale compared to many other suppliers. Ultimately this lower cost base is used to deliver competitively priced leading branded products to you.


As suppliers of leading branded Kimberly-Clark paper, gala Brush, we are able to offer a complete product and service support package to match your exact needs.


We undertake to stock the majority of products featured in our catalogue at our warehouse. More specialist items however, may only be stocked at certain branches according to customer demand or are special order products.


We know that in a fast and constantly changing business environment you require a service provider that can deliver the products where and when you need them. Our teams of customer care staff including drivers, warehouse staff, managers, field and telesales personnel are committed to constantly improving our product and service provision. So no matter where you are, you're always close to Aryan Enterprise.

Our Mission statement

"To be the pre-eminent and most efficient supplier of consistent quality commercial cleaning and hygiene products to leading companies in the private and public sector."

Why Aryan Enterprises

Aryan Enterprises is an organization focused on total customer service. It abides by the high professional and ethical standards expected of a business that over the years has consistently adapted itself to the dynamics of a highly competitive market while profitably supplying some of India’s most powerful and demanding customers. Aryan Enterprises is the industry leader because we’ve set the standards for quality with products guaranteed to lower cleaning costs and time, and constructed to perform every time!

We are the Authorised Distributer of Gala Brush in Mumbai, We have complete set of Variety and Supply Services anywhere in Mumbai.

Authorised Distributer of Kimberley Clark

Authorised Distributer BEVERAGES DIVISION

M/S Aryan Enterprises

Gala No 1, Shant Bhai Chawl, Behind Mathuradas Colony, Behind Kadamwadi, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400 055
Tel : 022 - 26670356
Mo : +91 9820149940 (Mr.Mangesh Hendre)
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